cocktails curated by gabriel rieben our cocktails are produced with the highest quality ingredients. additionally, each evening we feature a daily shaken and daily stirred variety.

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signature cocktails

the beckygin thyme, dry sherry, mirto, lemon juice, ginger syrup ... 13
the evelineirish whiskey, biscotti, meletti amaro, lemon juice, egg white, black walnuts bitters ... 13
the lucy zacapa 23, biscotti chocolate, cardamaro, blood orange,lemon juice, sea salt, celery bitters ... 14
the rosieoak cachaça, mezcal, pineapple puree, turmeric syrup,pastis, mix bitters ... 14
the terametaxa brandy 7 stars, raspberry, pisco, cacao vanilla,gran classico bitters ... 14
the lydia vodka, aquavit, fernet branca, blanc vermouth, violet ... 13
the catherine pisco, dry anisette meletti, dry curacao pierre ferrand,amaro delle sirene ... 13
the naseem cognac, zucca rhubarb amaro, amarula cream, black sesame syrup ... 14
the myrna tequila reposado, borghetti coffee liqueur, tuaca vanilla citrus, bruto aperitivo ... 13
the scout bourbon, blackberries, lemon juice, giffard muroise & vanilla, cynar artichoke amaro ... 12


classic cocktails

the last wordgin, lime, green chartreuse, maraschino ... 11
the old palrye, dry vermouth, campari ... 11
between the sheets brandy, white rum, lemon juice, triple sec ... 11
the gibson gin, dry vermouth, pickled onion ... 11
the old fashioned bourbon, brown sugar, angostura, orange bitters ... 11
the manhattan rye, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters ... 11
the sazerac rye, simple, peychaud’s bitters, lemon oil ... 11
the negroni gin, campari, sweet vermouth ... 11
the martini gin, dry vermouth ... 11
the gimlet gin, simple, lime juice ... 11

tuesday-friday ... 5pm-12am // saturday ... 3pm-12am